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Welcome to your 5 Minute Legs and Abs Workout

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Hi Guys! I’m Melissa, a wife and mom of three little ones, with a true passion for fitness and a love of good food. I have a degree in Exercise Physiology and am a certified NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.
I use my background, knowledge and experience to lead you through workouts that are short but highly effective and filled with variety to keep engaged and wanting more. My goal is to make you find time in your busy schedule to workout, enjoy it and get results.
As a wife and mom of three little ones, a true food lover and a fitness professional my goal is to share recipes that are healthy and delicious and work well for our family. I hope you can find some that you and your family enjoy.

Today's Workout:

Today's workout is a legs and abs challenge. You don't need any equipment and I will show modifications along the way. For a longer workout do this video 2-3 times or check out other workouts on my channel. With the commitment to effective movement and a healthy diet (Check out my cooking videos!) you will see changes. Lets do this!

1.Squat twisting knee and kick
2. Lunge 3 knee drives - Right
3. Lunge 3 knee drived - Left
4. Down dog knee drive
5. Out and in tuck crunch

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